Born and raised in Emilia Romagna (Italy), with Apennines in view and the Adriatic sea at a stone’s throw, I studied at the University of Bologna, where I graduated summa cum laude in Lettere Moderne. Then I earned a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Translation from the University of Siena. Currently, I am completing a doctoral dissertation in Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (Trecento Variations on the Epic Tradition: Dante’s “Commedia”, Boccaccio’s “Teseida”, and Petrarch’s “Africa”).

In addition to scholarly books and articles, my research output includes projects that go beyond the formats of standard academic writing. I particularly  cherish working in such fields as translation and Digital Humanities, where practice goes hand in hand with theory. With the project Mapping Dante I created the first digital interactive map of the geographical references in Dante’s Commedia.

I taught courses at the University of Oregon, Portland State University, and the University of Pennsylvania. A 2016 survey ranked me 16th out of 1,730 instructors of any rank and discipline teaching at Penn between 2009 and 2015.

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Education ^

Ph.D., Italian Studies, University of Pennsylvania,  May 2018-expected.
Dissertation: Trecento Variations on the Epic Tradition: Dante’s “Commedia”, Boccaccio’s “Teseida” and Petrarch’s “Africa”.

Ph.D., Comparative Literature and Translation, University of Siena.
Dissertation: Epica dell’arcipelago: indagine sul racconto della tribù attraverso Derek Walcott e Kamau Brathwaite.

Laurea, Lettere Moderne, summa cum laude, University of Bologna.
Dissertation: Dino campana, Poeta Germanicus.

Other Academic Training

Graduate Certificate in University and College Teaching, Center for Learning and Teaching, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.

Graduate Certificate in Cinema Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.

Digital Pedagogy and Networked Learning, HILT (Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching), Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, July 2015.

Introduction to Palaeography (9th-17th Centuries), University of Pennsylvania, May-July 2015.

Online Teaching, Center for Learning and Teaching, University of Pennsylvania, February-March 2015.

Oral Skills for Classroom Communication, University of Oregon, September-December 2009.

Seminar on Poetry (teacher: Derek Walcott), University of Macerata, July 2006.

Visiting Fellow, Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies, University of Essex, January-March 2006.

Grants and Awards ^

2016 Digital Project Prize, Delaware Valley Medieval Association, 2017 (for the project Mapping Dante)

Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowship, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania summer 2016.

Dean’s Scholar, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 2015-2016.

Digital Humanities Project Incubation Grant, Price Lab for Digital Humanities, University of Pennsylvania, 2015-2016 (for the project Mapping Dante).

Digital Humanities Training Grant, Price Lab for Digital Humanities, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.

Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, Department of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.

Salvatori Research Award, Center for Italian Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2013.

Valle/Langebartel Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2013-2016.

J.G. Haney Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2012-2013.

Doctoral Fellowship, University of Siena, 2004-2007.

Teaching ^

University of Pennsylvania

Elementary Italian II Online
, Summer 2015
Intermediate Italian II, Spring 2015
Intermediate Italian I, Fall 2014
Elementary Italian II, Spring 2014
Elementary Italian I, Fall 2013

Teaching Assistant
Paris in Film, Spring 2016 and Spring 2017
World Film History to 1945, Spring 2016
Italian History on Screen, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016
World Cinema 1945-present, Spring 2015

Portland State University

Visiting Professor of Italian
Migrant Narratives in Contemporary Italy, Summer 2011
Intermediate Italian I, Summer 2011

University of Oregon

Visiting Professor of Italian
The Storyteller in a Multicultural Perspective, Winter 2010
20th-Century Italian Poetry, Winter 2010
Reading Texts from the Literature of Migration in Italy, Fall 2009
A Survey of Migration Literature in Italy, Fall 2009